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Little Well-Known Facts About Me

I completed the French Route of the Camino de Santiago in 2007.

As a fourth grader I participated in NASA's SAREX Program with STS-37, but I don’t remember what I asked the astronauts.

Later that year, I sang the National Anthem at an Astros-Padres game. As a green sequins bow-tie was involved, all photographic evidence was destroyed.

In 2009 I was an International Radio & Television Society Summer Fellow.

Miley Cyrus and I go way back.

This guy is my great grand-uncle.

I have a habit of accidently pushing famous people out of my way. Wayne Coyne was first, at SXSW 2005.

When I was nine, I used the encyclopedias I received at Christmas to prove that Santa Claus does not exist.